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PP-35 K June Bride

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Perfect Pattern Style 29 AM
For 18" Kitty Collier.

Expert Level

Timeline: Classic

"June Bride"

This is a two-piece dress with a separate fitted bodice, dropped sculptured waist line that dips to a point at the center front and angles at the sides to dip to slightly lower point at the center back. The hemline of the skirt can be adjusted for several lengths, two of which are marked on the pattern. Three sleeve patterns are offered; long straight, short puff, and butterfly, options include a combination of the puff sleeve over the long straight sleeve. Also included are a short ‘beatnik’ style bolero vest, a straw purse, and straw bonnet. A lovey classic bridal gown can be created simply by making the skirt floor length. Cut a large half-circle of tulle and gather the center of the straight edge for a veil.

By Ashton Drake Designer Michelle Tibbets

Pattern can only be mailed as a hard copy.

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