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PP-46 C Victory

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Perfect Pattern Style 46 C
For 21" Modern Cissy

Expert Level

Timeline: 1903-2003


A long below the hip length jacket with princess seams for a perfect fit, a rolled shawl collar, and a lovely sleeve applique, is teamed with a short skirt to become a trend setting modern suit. Change the skirt to a semi-pleated floor length with ribbon or braid trim and add an oversize soft ruffle brim hat for a 1903 boardwalk suit.

Designers Note: In honor of the 2003 MADC Convention taking place in Savannah Georgia this year, I wanted to design a special pattern for the modern 21” MA Cissy doll. For inspiration I researched Georgia itself. Steeped in mystery and romance, ever-changing modern combines with rich history to create enchantment. With all this in mind, the design was born to encompass both modern and historical. A modern social suit can be changed and enhanced to become a turn of the century boardwalk suit or make both skirts to go with the same jacket for two completely different era's. Lengthen the jacket 2" and create a lovely coat-dress!

By Designer Marsha Olson

Pattern can be mailed as a hard copy or sent via email as a .pdf file for you to print. If you prefer .pdf patterns, please email me and I will remove the shipping charges from your order.

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