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PP-89 LA Let's Ski!

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Perfect Pattern Style 89 LA
For 11" Child Dolls such as LeeAnn

Skilled Level
Timeline: Modern
"Let's Ski!"

Ready for fun in the snow? You bet LEEANN is!
Her ski set consists of a hooded ski jacket trimmed with fur on the cuffs and hood, or you could make a removable hood that snaps or buttons on. The cover-all pants have rib-knit cuffs and go over a knit turtle neck sweater. The jacket is made roomy to fit over heavy sweaters and shirts.

Design by Marsha Olson

Pattern can be mailed as a hard copy or sent via email as a .pdf file for you to print. If you prefer .pdf patterns, please email me and I will remove the shipping charges from your order.

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