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PP-100 FR Venus Rising

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Perfect Pattern PP-100 FR
For 12" Fashion Royalty and 11-1/2" Silkstone Barbie (with minor adjustments)

Skilled Level
Timeline: Modern

"Venus Rising"

This pattern is for a spectacular 3-piece gown consisting of a fitted strapless bustier, a very tight floor length skirt with an attached fishtail skirt that scallops at each side but otherwise spreads out flat. The separate oval shaped collar stands up to frame the head and is attached by a single narrow strap that snaps or hooks on one side of the collar.

The skirt may be made without the fishtail.

Purchased or made piping may be applied to the top and hem edges of the bustier, the hem edge of the fishtail, and the outside edge of the collar. Sequined or beaded braid trim will also work well.

Design by Marsha Olson

To adjust the pattern for Silkstone Barbie just add an extra 1/2" to the straight back opening seam of the skirt and fishtail pieces. The back closure for the bustier may need to be overlapped a bit more than the standard 1/4". SB is a little smaller in the bust and a little bigger in the hip and waist.

Pattern can be mailed as a hard copy or sent via email as a .pdf file for you to print. If you prefer .pdf patterns, please email me and I will remove the shipping charges from your order.

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