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PP-113 Blu IDMA Convention Pattern

PP-113 Blu IDMA Convention Pattern Image
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Perfect Pattern Style 113 Blu
For 11" Bleuette
Or any porcelain head doll using the same size (8")composition Seeley body.
Also available for 11" Bitty Bethany

Skilled Level
"IDMA 2007 Convention Pattern"

This pattern is for a drop waisted dress with a double row of gathered lace (or fabric ruffles) on the skirt. The bodice front overlay is gathered at the shoulders and waist seam. It has large puffed sleeves ending at the elbow in a narrow band. The pattern is also included for the shirred brim puff bonnet.

Design by Marsha Olson

This pattern was specially made to celebrate the International Doll Makers Association (IDMA) 2007 Convention
To learn more about IDMA click here:

Pattern can be mailed as a hard copy or sent via email as a .pdf file for you to print. If you prefer .pdf patterns, please email me and I will remove the shipping charges from your order.

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