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PP-177 C Edwardian Walking Suit

PP-177 C Edwardian Walking Suit Image

An M&M TreasureNet Exclusive!

Perfect Pattern Style Edw C
For 21" Modern Cissy
Also available for 15-1/2" Gene, Alex and Clea Bella

Skilled Level
An exquisite Edwardian period suit pattern drafted by Marsha Olson of Perfect Patterns especially for Cissy .

Included is an exquisitely fitted high lace necked sleeveless sheath dress with a sculptured hem over a straight skirt with a box pleated bottom.

The jacket has set-in long sleeves and a sculptured hem line that gathers up the back seam to create a mini bustle affect when trimmed with wide velvet, satin, or self-fabric bows and streamers.

The Mae West style wide brimmed hat tops this outfit off perfectly.

Fits like a glove and stunning when made up.

Design by Marsha Olson

Pattern can only be mailed as a hard copy.

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