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PP-17 C Tea in the Rose Garden

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Perfect Pattern Style 17 C
For 21" Modern Cissy
Skilled Level

Timeline: 1957

"Tea In The Rose Garden"
Tea parties wearing swishy chiffon dresses were still big in the mid fifties and this simple gown is perfect. The slightly dropped sleeve (can't have bare shoulders showing!) and the pretty sculptured neckline (low enough to be high fashion but not raise any eyebrows) make this gown a lovely addition to any wardrobe. Try making it out of silk taffeta with a printed silk chiffon overlay on both the bodice and skirt or a lace overlay on just the skirt. Add a classic flower covered pillbox hat and short gloves, and she's ready for any gentle summer outing. The pleated satin or taffeta streamers are sewn high into the side seams backwards so that they can be pulled to the front, crossed and tied into a bow or knotted in the back. All in all, a very elegant little dress. For easy fitting, line both the bodice and skirt with very light weight fabrics. Tulle makes a wonderful lining material and is virtually invisible on edges if trimmed almost to the stitching.
This bodice also works well by sewing it to the straight skirt from pattern #22 to make a slim fitting day dress. Add a narrow belt, a veiled pillbox, elbow length gloves, and sling a fur or animal print wrap over the shoulder! Deepen the sculptured 'V' neckline a bit and create the ultimate 'Mystery Lady'.

By Designer Marsha Olson

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