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Madi Sky Premier Doll

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Lovely Madi Sky has pointy pixie ears, gorgeous sky blue eyes and glittery blue scalp with a jewel at the crown of her head. She comes dressed in a sky blue gown with "cloudy white" overdress, bright yellow velcro detachable wings and a blonde haired wighat capped with sunny sparkles (hair is attached to hat for ease of play by little hands.) Includes nature themed activity cards.

Sneak and Madi are soft bodied, 11 inch tall dolls from the Itty Bitty Toy Company. Hands, head, legs from the knee down and feet are vinyl. All clothes have velcro closures. Wig hat size is 6-1/4". Doll measures approx 5.5" shoulder to knee, 8" shoulder to ankle, arms 3.5" shoulder to wrist, chest and waist, 7", foot just under 2" long and 3/4" wide. Crotch to ankle, 3-3/4". Crotch to bottom of foot, 4.5". All dolls can share clothes, though Sneak's hair is rooted and not removable.

Most dolls and outfits are boxed, though some come in a see through fabric bag.

Suggested for ages 5 and up.

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Weight:1.500 lbs