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Rocked Out Delilah

Rocked Out Delilah Image

Delilah had snuck out under the cover of night to meet her friends at a dance party.

Her ‘Rockin’ It’ outfit includes a skull t-shirt, jacket, black petal skirt, and tall black combat boots. A rockstar worthy hot pink flip wig, sunglasses, and necklace complete the look.

Note - This wig is not one you can buy from AD, so this is the only place you can get this combo. Only one in stock.

Delilah is a 16” tall ball-jointed doll with 14 points of articulation.

Delilah outfits fit Ellowyne, too, though Delilah's high heel shoes will be big on Ellowyne and Delilah's flat shoes will not fit Ellowyne.

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