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PP-23 TW Serious Business

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Perfect Pattern Style 23 TW
Also available for 19" American Models. See item PP-23 AM
Skilled Level

Timeline: 1990

"Serious Business"

The ultimate 'Power Suit' of the 90's!
The slightly fitted long jacket is double-breasted with an asymetrical overlap and a tight fitting pencil skirt hemmed just to the knee. Feminine yet all business, you just know the woman wearing this suit is going to get what she wants! The coat-dress pattern is included and is a lengthened version of the jacket. Very 'smart'! Also included is a pattern for short sleeves for summer, which gives this versatile pattern many options.
All garments are entirely lined.

By Designer Marsha Olson

Pattern can be mailed as a hard copy or sent via email as a .pdf file for you to print. If you prefer .pdf patterns, please email me and I will remove the shipping charges from your order.

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