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Commissioned for the 2010 Gene Convention, "Stardust"!
"Our Sabrina"

Ballerina length strapless gown is perfectly fitted! The overskirt is a separate piece and is designed to be slightly long so the dust ruffle lays elegantly along the floor.

Timeline 1954

Cissy can step right into the Larrabee's garden and join the party with this gorgeous "Sabrina" influenced gown pattern.

The sample, sewn by Marsha Olson, who also designed the pattern as an exclusive for MMTN, is made of silk dupioni with appliqued motifs.

According to Audrey Style by Pamela Clarke Keogh, the topmost layer of the original gown is silk organdy "embroidered with black silk thread and jet beads".

This pattern was created to celebrate the 15th Gene Marshall Convention, "Stardust", held in Philadelphia in June, 2010. The Cissy version was created to satisfy the demands of our favorite 21" Diva.

Please see item PP-151 G for the 15-1/2" Gene version.

Both sizes can be pre-ordered now and will be delivered to convention attendees at the Gene "Stardust" convention, to others after my return from convention on June 7.

Both sizes are available as a printed pattern or as a .pdf file via email. For the printed patterns, please order this item for Cissy or item PP-151 G for Gene.

If you prefer the .pdf, please select item PP-151 G-pdf for Gene or PP-151 C-pdf for Cissy.

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