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Crystalett Pins

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Package of 16 assorted craft and jewelry pins embellished with 5mm Crystals that match the Crystalett button line. These small pins squeeze to close - similar to the way shower curtain clips close (of course, much smaller).

They measure about 13/16" long and are commonly used to mark areas of your knit and crochet work where you may change a pattern or stitch and need to return to the spot. The assortment of colors gives you lots of options to color code your marks, and you can use them in conjunction with our Tag-A-Stitch marker disks to really keep track of your work. The Tag-a-Stitch disks (sold separately) skip right onto the pins.

These pins are also very popular with beaders as you can slip them on chains, hang pendants or other beadwork from them to wear and even pin them through clothing! A very clever must-h

These pins are available in either all gold toned, and each assortment includes 2 each of the following 5mm crystal colors: clear, sapphire, emerald, fuchsia, light siam, sun, tanzanite and citrine.

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