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Perfect Pattern Stardust Convention Set
For 15-1/2" Gene, Alex, Clea Bella, Eve and Similar Dolls

Long sleeve front opening blouse with collar and cuffs (2 difficulty levels for cuffs). Princess seam belted tunic style vest with oversize shoulders, tunic pocket side edges are hidden in tunic seams. Straight fitted skirt.

This contains a pattern for a 1930's day dress with a pleated cross over bodice and a shirred front waistband. The side panniers are gathered at the waist and side back. The large brim hat can be trimmed or left simple and plain or with a net covering. Also included is a pattern for gloves, and a faux parasol. A long version of the skirt is included to make this into a lovely Victorian gown set.

This is a pattern for a very fitted princess seam ball gown. The long line bodice is a separate piece. The first version has a gathered folded apron front piece with a large back bow. The second version has a reverse length attached ruffle that gets longer in back so that when seen from the side it appears to be the same length all the way around because of the way the bodice dips down at the front. The ruffle could be extended into a skirt to create a whole new look. The skirt is made as a circle skirt to eliminate all bulk at the waist and hips. This gown was inspired by the look of a 1946 Vogue pattern.

This is a pattern for a swing style unfitted coat with dolmen sleeves and a faux pocket welt. The French beret hat is the perfect accessory. By eliminating the pocket welt and shortening the coat a few inches you can make a nice stylish jacket to wear with a skirt or cuffed slacks. Try using a small scale wool plaid and a single oversize button at the top for an authentic 40's look.
This pattern also fits other 16" fashion dolls such as Tyler and Ellowyne.

This is a pattern for a low cut cocktail dress with wide set narrow straps. The perfect 'little black dress' for evening wear. The short bolero style jacket has a sheer inset front and sleeves. Add a large flat satin bow to the front of the jacket for contrasting interest point. This sexy little number is topped off by a small coolie style hat and gloves. The dress could be cut at the hip-line to add a gathered skirt for a totally 'hot' summer sun dress.

Sweet as a princess with large puffed sleeves, this magical dress is fitted with an overlay of sheer fabric for a light and airy look. The very full gathered skirt is attached and embellished with a large double bow in the back. Put as many layers as you want into the skirt, you can't have too full a skirt on this dress! Too sweet you say? Try it without the sleeves in gold or silver tissue lame`! Amazing results!

Those drop waisted dresses look so good on Gene, we decided to go for another one. Mae West has nothing on Gene in this form-fitting gown. Designed to be made of cotton velveteen for a voluptuous silhouette, it gives her that coveted hour-glass figure all the movie stars crave! I added cut out silk lace motifs to my model, but can you see it covered in glittery beads or sequins? The sheer mermaid skirt on version 1 makes way for a double gathered bubble skirt in version 2. Perfect for that Western Saloon Girl theme.

Design by Marsha Olson
Fits 15.5" Gene Marshall

Pattern set can be mailed as a hard copy or sent via email as a .pdf file for you to print. If you prefer .pdf patterns, please email me and I will remove the shipping charges from your order.

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